Yuchai Mini Excavators Australia
New mini excavators for sale from $21,990 + GST

Yuchai Mini Excavators

We sell a wide range of mini excavators as well as larger excavators from 5 tonne through to 23 tonne. All Yuchai machines are built using quality engines and hydraulic systems backed by a 3 year/3600 hour warranty with an extensive spare parts warehouse based in Brisbane, Australia. Don't buy a second hand or used mini excavator, at Yuchai our goal is to provide you with a quality mini excavator at an affordable price that won't let you down.

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Yuchai Crawler Carry Dumpers

New mini excavators for sale from $21,990 + GST

Crawler carry dumpers or tracked site dumper have an excavator like under-carriage with a tipping dump tray body on top capable of hauling heavy loads over a variety of grounds whilst maintaining and extremely low ground pressure. They make excellent site dumpers but also work very well converted to drill rigs, spray units, all terrain cranes and bin haulers.

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